PHP Developers Who Have Inspired Me

Tonight I want to write a quick post and mention a few PHP developers who have inspired me lately. I’ll name them and share a few reflections on how they have inspired me over the past few months.

  • Fabien Potencier (@fabpot) – Fabien is the project leader for Symfony. He manages a very large PHP project, and he does it very well. He’s humble and professional. I want to better imitate those characteristics.

  • Ross Tuck (@rosstuck) – Ross spoke at the recent Laracon in Amsterdam. Watch the video at I’ve thought about his talk many times since. He’s incredibly intelligent, thoughtful, and one of the best speakers in the PHP community.

  • Yitzchok Willroth (@coderabbi) – Yitzchok has become somewhat of a personal advisor to me. He gives thoughtful advice, challenges me, and encourages me with his wisdom.

  • Michelle Sanver (@michellesanver) – Michelle showed Dayle and I around Zurich for a few hours, and recently spoke at Laracon EU. She’s quiet, but ridiculously smart. She’s building a really cool project called OmNomHub – it’s like GitHub for recipes.

  • Kayla Daniels & Ed Finkler (@kayladnls – @funkatron) – Both of these talented developers are raising awareness of mental illness, and encouraging those suffering to seek the treatment they need for healing. Mental illness is one of the most debilitating diseases on the planet, and I really appreciate the work these developers are doing to combat it.

  • Igor Wiedler (@igorwhiletrue) – Igor is always doing something cool things that twist my brain. He’s very humble, and an all around nice guy. I always enjoy reading over his latest code.

  • Mior Muhammad Zaki (@crynobone) – Mior and I talk about Laravel a lot. He listens to a lot of ideas and helps me sharpen them. He lives on the bleeding edge of Laravel quietly making sure everything is up to snuff – and never complains about anything.

  • Matt Stauffer (@stauffermat) – Matt is a great friend. He gives great technical advice about Laravel. But, more than that, he gives me great life advice.

  • Konstantin Kudryashov (@everzet) – Konstantin is way smarter than me. He recently spoke at Laracon EU and gave me great feedback for improving areas of Laravel 5. One day I want to write code like Konstantin!

Of course, there are so many other awesome PHP developers out there, and so many of you have impacted me in a positive way. Maybe I’ll do one of these posts every month to keep spreading the love!